Unity3D? What is it?

Welcome to International unity Guide

Unity is a cross-platform game engine developed by Unity Technologies.

 The engine has since been gradually extended to support a variety of desktop, mobile, console and virtual reality platforms.

 It is particularly popular for iOS and Android mobile game development, is considered easy to use for beginner developers, and is popular for indie game development.

..."iUNITY.eu" its a website for programmers in Unity3D (and C #), from beginners to any level.

In iUnity you will find guides, tutorials, tips to develop in Unity3D and C Sharp.

All this based on my developing experience on this platform.

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Variables between scripts

 If we want to access one variable (int data) from an external script, we must do: 1-ORIGINAL ONE.cs     public static int data = 0 ;  2-...